Hard Floor/Surface Cleaning

  • Maintainsdurability of the floor and hard surface
  • Restores the lustre/shine and overall appearance presentation value of dull-looking floors
  • Provides ample protection against scratches, damage and wear and tear
  • Highly effective stain-repellent

In addition to professional hard floor cleaning techniques, Opal Cleaning can provide you with our specialised tile/vinyl stripping and sealing services. This ensures that we restore the shiny appearance of your floorings whilst also protecting them against stains, scratches, and other markings. As a result, sealed hard floors require less maintenance, and hence you can clean less often. The floor lifespan is also extended significantly when the surface has been treated with a protective solution.

What Type of Floorings Should be Stripped and Sealed?

A wide variety of hard floors can benefit from being protected with a sealer. Granite, marble, sandstone, ceramic tiles, terracotta, vinyl surfaces, natural stone floors, etc. Become more durable, scratch and stain-resistant if they are treated additionally.
Newly installed floorings are especially at risk of damage, so it is worthwhile to be proactive and ensure they are sealed, in order to get the most out of your investment.
Commercial floors, which take on high traffic on a daily basis, are more prone to wear and tear faster. Hence, we highly recommend that they are sealed with a strong scratch-resistant impregnator or a topical sealant, which will counter-act the excess traffic.
Property Managers. Strata agents, Investment Managers, Portfolio Managers and owners of public venues and facilities should also ensure the safety of their floor surfaces by treating them with an anti-slippery sealing solution.
Some exterior surfaces can be additionally protected against the weather elements by being sealed with an appropriate impregnator or a topical sealant.

How does it work?

You can rest assured knowing that our qualified, highly experienced floor technicians will visit your premises comprehensively prepared with industry-leading equipment and recommend the most effective floor stripping and sealing solutions. The service involves:

  • The area is measured precisely and accurately
  • The most suitable floor restoration methods and appropriate sealing products are determined, and recommended to the client for approval
  • The flooring is treated with a stripping solution.
  • We use specialised equipment to strip the old protective layer.
  • Then, the surface is washed with a neutraliser, rinsed with water and left to dry for about 30-45 minutes, depending on the nature and condition.
  • A water-based/solvent-based topical or penetrating sealer is subsequently applied in 2 to 3 coats, depending on the type of floor we are dealing with.
  • When the floor is dry, the surface can be additionally buffed with a floor polishing machine, to give that pristine look.